Donate Your Furniture

If you are in need of furniture please see our Agency/Client services page

Hotels or large donations contact


  • Beds:, like new only – full & twin size
  • Metal bed frames- any size
  • Dressers & Chest of drawers
  • Love seats
  • Nightstands
  • Dinette size tables & chairs
  • Arm/Recliner chairs
  • Small tables- end, coffee

IRS & Donations

How to determine the value of your donation? Visit the IRS website Donation Publication 561 “Are appraisals needed to claim deductions?”,  page 8.  Also visit publication 526 for rules on charitable contributions.  Find an ISA appraiser.  More questions – ask your tax professional


WE ARE NOT SCHEDULING PICKUPS through the website at this time

Please send pictures to




Drop off usable furniture at our warehouse

Tuesday through Saturday 7:00 – 2:00

25 N Extension Rd Mesa, AZ 85201

email donate@bridgingaz.orgPlease note: Up to 20% of donated items may be sold to help defer operating costs

Please Note: total past years of sales equaled less than 2% of total donations – eBay Store

Not sure if your donation is right for Bridging?  Please ask-

Companies that donate items valued over $500

will be recognized as a Hero and an in-kind donor.

Over 300 brand new pillows collected at the AVNET pillow Drive

Over 300 brand new pillows collected for Bridging at the AVNET Pillow Drive

Furniture Drive
Print out our “Sponsor a Furniture Drive” booklet for more information. Note: prints 4 pages or 2 pages front and back.