AZ Tax Credits

A Tax Credit is Better Than a Deduction!

You can reduce your Arizona taxes by $1 for every $1 you donate.  

Arizona QCO (Qualifying Charitable Organization) Code 20357

With a tax credit,  you can get up to $1 back for each $1 you donate!  DOWNLOAD 2022 AZ State Tax Form HERE

If you file as an individual, NEW 2023 amount you can get up to $421 back (donate using PayPal)

If you file jointly as a couple, NEW 2023 amount you can get up to $841 (donate using PayPal).

Donate $421 single State Tax credit      Donate $841 State Tax credit


Frequently Asked Questions*

 Do I have to itemize my state tax deductions to take a Charitable Tax Credit?
No, but you’ll need to file the first page of Arizona Form 321. (Page 2 is for donations from previous years).
Where can I get a copy of Arizona Form 321?
The updated form for the previous calendar year usually is available in January on this Arizona Department of Revenue website page.  The form is here.
Can I file for education and other tax credits, in addition to the Charitable Tax Credit?
Yes.  The total amount of credit you can take will depend on the amount of  state tax you owe.
What’s the deadline for the Charitable Tax Credit?
You can donate as late as April 15** and take the tax credit for the previous tax year.  However, if you also want to deduct the contribution from federal taxes, you must make the contribution in the same calendar year (by December 31).
What’s the Working Poor Tax Credit?
It’s the old name for the Charitable Tax Credit.  It was changed several years ago.

Want to learn more? 

The Arizona Department of Revenue provides information on the Charitable Tax Credit and other credits on the AZDOR website.

* For the best information pertaining to your tax situation, please consult your professional tax adviser.

** April 15 is normally the deadline to file taxes.  In some years, the deadline may be later because of weekends and federally recognized holidays.  It is April 15th in 2024

Arizona QCO (Qualifying Charitable Organization) Code 20357

Donate $421 single

State Tax credit

Click HERE

Donate $841

State Tax credit

Click HERE

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