Please read the following carefully, it is important stuff and took a long time to compose:

We are open by appointment only.  No drop-ins.  Appointment slots are $25., and may be paid at the time of service. One appointment slot per client.  Appointment fees are to be paid by the agency, not the client.  The fee for furniture may be paid by either the agency or the client, however it is customary that the client pay for their furniture.

Acceptable methods of payment: Agency check, VISA, PayPal or cash only.  No money orders or personal checks

Now for the fun stuff!

Appointments are available at 9am.10am & 11am Thursdays and Fridays

Your agency name badge must be visible at all times during the appointment.  We will ask for  your agency business card for our records.

We are here to please. 

We have made some changes, and there are 3 things you must know:

1. Client shopping has been discontinued.

This means:

2. Bridging selects furniture for your client – OR

3. You or an authorized agency representative  (e.g. moving company) comes to the warehouse to pick up the furniture.

Please have faith that after 10 years in the biz we will not dump icky furniture on you.

Loading takes a half hour, tops. Bridging will move selected items to the loading zone, where it may then be loaded.  All items must be removed at that time, nothing will be held.  Liability insurance disallows Bridging to load.  Bridging does not supply rope, blankets or tie down straps.  Remember to bring these items.  Word to the wise: beds come in 2 pieces: mattress AND box spring.  Sending a Pinto for 2 beds is not a good plan.  Please, keep this simple: no children, extra family members, dogs etc.  Sorry, Bridging does not deliver.

The not-so-fun-stuff: If you fail to show for a scheduled appointment, or if Bridging does not receive a 24-hour notice of cancellation, you/your agency will be assessed a $25. no-show fee.

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